Friday, March 25, 2011

Future Sound (2010) dir Jamie Whitby

Future Sound - An Underground Electronic Music Documentary from Jamie Whitby on Vimeo.

feat Roska, Scratcha DVA, Black Down, Lisa Blanning, K-Punk, SBKRT

Dialtones: A Telesymphony (2001-2002) Golan Levin

A brilliant piece composed on cell phones best documented on the limited edition 2002 album from Staalplaat (OOP, but available online if you search for it). These types of ringtones are already becoming one of those de-circulated technologies representative of a bygone era. Expect them to make a huge comeback in ten years along with modems and pagers. Yet again, Meat Beat Manifesto will have been prescient.

Grubby Little Hands- Uneek (2011) dir Brian Melton

GRUBBY LITTLE HANDS - UNEEK from Brian Melton on Vimeo.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Majlis al Jinn (Meeting Place of the Jinn) (2010) dir. Paul H Williams

Majlis al Jinn (Meeting Place of the Jinn) from Paul H Williams on Vimeo.

Majlis al Jinn (Meeting Place of the Jinn)

Paul H Williams's films (via Ballardian)"continue to mine this unique nexus of Ballard, Islam, rampant development, industrial isolation and subsonic hums. These filmic miniatures form a unique, ongoing travelogue, often shot from the upper-level hotel room high above the clouds that has served as Paul’s home for the past year, recording his nostalgia and emotion at the absence of his family in the UK, as he captures the evolution of the cityscape warping the desert below".

This film also features beautiful music by Williams himself